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Making Maryport Smile


There are lots of fantastic groups, services and activities in Maryport and the surrounding areas that can have a positive impact on our health and well-being – but we don’t always know about them. To this end, we have joined with a range of organisations and individuals, living and working in the area, to create the Making Maryport Smile Campaign. The idea is that all of us who are working towards a common goal, will use our resources to promote as many services and resources as possible – all helping each other to spread the word and enabling people to find the right support and activities that meet their needs.


  • Who is involved in Making Maryport Smile?

    A range of organisations, businesses and individuals, living and working in the area. Everyone working within the Making Maryport Smile campaign shares common goals in wanting to improve wellbeing for residents in Maryport and the surrounding areas. We all believe that by working together, we can achieve more.

  • What does Making Maryport Smile branding look like?

    ewanrigg making maryport smile logoThe Making Maryport Smile branding is clear and bright and in time, we hope that people will start to recognise it and feel confident with it.

    The logo is a smiley face made up of two people, holding up a smile. It also forms an ‘M’ for Maryport. It shows how people need to work together to complete a task and create the smile. Without both people, the M and the smile will collapse. By working together, we can all do our bit to connect people and services and each other, improving their health & well-being and creating a happier community.


  • How can I get involved?

    If you are a business or individual or group leader that would like to use our Making Maryport Smile branding, then please let us know. You can use our logo on your posters or artwork and we can send you a marketing pack to help you promote your group or activity. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

  • Is Making Maryport Smile on Facebook?

    Yes. We have already created a Making Maryport Smile Facebook page to share news and updates about things happening in the area. Please like our page and feel free to let us know about things you’d like shared and supported. Some of our Facebook posts, particularly ones with local relevance reach hundreds of people.

    You can also use the hashtag #makingmaryportsmile and we’ll like and share wherever we can.


  • Are there any other materials to help support my activity?

    Making Maryport Smile stickers and postcards are available to support your activity.

    The campaign works in partnership with the free, quarterly magazine Maryport Matters to share information and connect people living in the area.


  • Who can use the Making Maryport Smile branding?

    Anyone who is organising activity that has a focus on health and well-being. It can be for any age or section of the community.

  • Are there any guidelines that can help me decide if my activity qualifies?

    Yes. These are the core principles of Making Maryport Smile.  Does your event, organisation or activity fit in with the following? If so, why not join our campaign and help make Maryport Smile!

    1. Does it address one of the 5 standard routes to wellbeing?
    2. Is it fun and engaging?
    3. Does it bring about lasting change?
    4. Does it focus on individual strengths or community strengths?
    5. Is it tailored or personalised – everyone is different.
    6. Does it empower the individual?
    7. Is it sustainable?
    8. Does it build self-confidence and promote a sense of ‘can do’ in individuals and organisers?
    9. Does it support people only as long as needed?
    10. Does it naturally signpost to other activities and opportunities?

    When planning / organising / delivering your activity, you should:

    1. Recognise that every individual is different
    2. Recognise that a person is a whole being – not a series of conditions or issues
    3. Involve the community in the decision-making process
    4. Be innovative and use new approaches where possible
    5. Communicate effectively
    6. Recognise ALL barriers – psychological, physical, economic etc. Both real and perceived
    7. Learn from others
    8. Be honest about findings and share them openly with others
    9. Track successes and failures
    10. Not see things negatively – treat ‘failures’ as a chance to learn and improve
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